Interesting and Informational Links

A website link that has all that will be needed for the creative needle arts. DMC 6strand embroidery floss are recommended and used exclusively for all SpiritUs Art Creationscross stitch projects and kits.

Link to website that offers the software Pattern Maker for Cross Stitch and otherneedle art related software. All charts and projects by SpiritUs Art Creations made using the Pro Version of Pattern Maker for Cross Stitch.

Informational website which has links to various cross stitch designers and companies. Brouse by country, designers, etc. SpiritUs Art Creations listed under "designers".

Link to Tiger Technologies that offers reliable webhosting with free domain registration. Choose webhosting services with the free registration or just domain registration by itself. This is the hosting service used by SpiritUs Art Creations and is highly recommended.

The way to send and receive money online. Go to this website to sign up for a FREE PayPal account. PayPal is an eBay company.

I was brought up as a Christian which has broadened into a respect for all religiousfaiths. My foundation is faith in Jesus Christ, expanding from there due to my study ofthe URANTIA Book, which has only deepened and made more real my relationship with our Heavenly Father. That is why I have included the links below for those interested to URANTIA related organizations. But by no means is anyone obligated to pursue the information. I provide it as a service and as a matter of showing how much this revelation for humanity has inspired me in my walk of faith. It has changed my life and brought me closer to God, and maybe it can for you too if you are so inclined!

A metaphysical and spiritually oriented website which welcomes all Spirit Seekers. Various topics are covered, ranging from a Prayer Page to an Artists Gallery, with URANTIA Book references as well.

Metaphysical and spiritually oriented website offering information and support in an openforum format, with special attention given to the URANTIA Book."The quest for God is everything."

Link to the URANTIA Foundation website, which supports and disseminates the teachings of the URANTIA Book, a special revelation for humanity. A non-profit organization which offers information,discussion, classes and reading of the URANTIA Book text on-line.The URANTIA Book © 1955 URANTIA Foundation

Link to a URANTIA Book related website. Offers further information regarding the book, readerrelated support (study groups), on-line discussion, and reading of the URANTIA Book texton-line. This website is unaffiliated with URANTIA Foundation.

Link to a URANTIA Book related website. Major content is oriented around the URANTIA Book, but also has general spiritual information, support, and an artists gallery. This website is unaffiliated with URANTIA Foundation.

A website for the URANTIA Book Readers Online Network (UBRON), which brings together students of the URANTIA Teachings from all over the world. Provides a communications center for promoting awareness that all mankind is part of the same family. This website is unaffiliated with URANTIA Foundation.

"The Association for Light and Life (A.L.L.) is a spiritual aasociation of men and women who, in our seeking for spiritual awareness, have found common association with the Divine, and seek now to express our commitment to the Divine through service."